Shining light on documents in the public domain

The purpose of this webpage is to host government white papers and organization's files on controversial issues.  All of the these exhibits are public domain, and were found using Google Advanced Search or were hosted by mainline or alternative news outlets.  All of these hyperlinks are actual documentation, as I do not link to any news articles.  The only "news" I link to are press releases from the actual agencies. 

I highly recommend downloading all of these PDF and PPT files onto compact discs and send these discs to everyone you know.  I also recommend printing out these documents to hand out to people for first amendment activism purposes.  You can double click on each link to view the file on your browser if you have the appropriate software installed. To download these files, right click the link and select Save Link As. The file sizes are large, so if you have a slow internet connection, please be patient.  This information on this webpage is very important and it must go out to everyone.  All links are in either PDF, PNG, JPG, or PPT format.

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